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BAALBAKÉ is a smart choice for Bread-lovers, Vegans, Meat lovers, All-day breakfast fans, and Foodies that appreciate the simple, flavorful foods of ancient cultures with time-honored culinary traditions. We offer affordable, nutritious, tasty foods that people can trust. There are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in any of our choices.



Bite-size meat pies

Sfiha Baalbakiyeh is at the core of our business. First introduced in the 15th century, this delicious, addictive open-center meat pie is our signature dish. We are one of the very few eateries that serve this delicacy outside of Baalbek and the only multiple location restaurant that has it on the menu. BAALBAKÉ was awarded best Sfiha Baalbakiyeh by the Lebanese Chef’s Palace Association, the highest culinary authority in Lebanon.


Lebanese Flatbreads

Manakeesh are oven baked traditional flatbreads that have been part of the Lebanese diet for at least 2,500 years. One base, different toppings! They are often topped with zaatar, cheese, spinach, meat, spicy peppers, etc. This ancestor to the pizza bakes quickly and is ready in just minutes! 



Flatbread Sandwich Wraps

Tabbouka is the word for sandwich in the Baalbek region. BAALBAKÉ’s unique version is made with baked flatbread and special sauces. Filling choices include: chicken tawouk, shawarma, sujouk, kafta, etc. using our proprietary recipes, with optional cheese.


Hot and Cold Appetizers

BAALBAKÉ uses its own special recipes for its high-protein cold and hot mezza dishes. They are served with warm, freshly baked bread. Most dishes are vegan. Our Hummus, Baba Ghanouje, Ful, Balila, Msabaha, etc. taste great and are consistent in quality and flavor.



Rack of Lamb

Marinated with a unique mix of herbs and spices then baked and seared for extra sizzle and a mouth-watering aroma, BAALBAKÉ Kastaleta is for 2 or for 4 and comes with complimentary side dishes such as hummus, pivaz, potatoes, grilled vegetables, and other favorites.


Traditional Lebanese Comfort Foods

BAALBAKÉ Daily Specials are made fresh and oven baked versions of traditional Lebanese dishes including Kibbeh bil Sayniyeh, Chicken or Meat Shawarma, Chicken and Potatoes, and Kafta and Potatoes. They are served with a side salad.



Mouth-watering Kebabs

Zesty, marinated meats grilled to perfection for unforgettable flavor. Choices include shish kebab, chicken tawouk, kafta kebab, grilled vegetables, etc. with a side of pivaz and freshly baked bread.

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